mad.x Platform Datasheet

Mad Mobile™ is the industry’s first enterprise-ready Mobile Platform-as-a-Service that provides everything mobile developers need to deliver rich, mobile application experiences for employees, customers and partners with just a few lines of code.


The New Enterprise Mobile Middleware

Mobile development in the enterprise is far from an easy endeavor. Development teams face an increasingly complex fabric of different devices, mobile operating systems, on-premise apps, SaaS apps, carriers and deployment models. Trying to support all of the likely permutations in mobile apps is a difficult, time-consuming, errorprone job.


From SOA to MOA

While, intuitively, most IT organizations try to adapt existing infrastructure assets such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) platforms to be mobile compatible, industry leaders are beginning to understand that mobile development and deployment requires a unique platform, specific to mobile, to ensure a successful implementation.


Mobile Data Management

The paper examines some of the current challenges of traditional MDM solutions and how they failed to protect enterprises’ most precious asset: business data. It also introduces mobile data management as the next generation of enterprise mobile management (EMM) technologies.


Mobile Data Virtualization

While modern platforms, such as API gateways or enterprise mobile Backend-as-a-Service middleware, have taken the initial steps toward interoperating mobile applications with enterprise systems, the experiences are far from simple or scalable from the development standpoint.