Meet mobile-first store associates

Posted by Retail Dive on January 13, 2017

Shoppers still prefer to buy in-store. In fact, more than 90 percent of retail sales still happen at physical stores.

Don’t let the millennial generation fool you: Even they prefer the brick-and-mortar shopping experience for goods like apparel, jewelry, automotive, and furniture.

But shopper expectations have changed with technology. The Sears catalog is long gone, but the endless aisle concept remains. Shoppers want options, as well as information, reviews, competitive prices, and a personalized experience.

While stores display tangible products and offer immediacy, the retail website knows each customer’s name, loyalty points, and what they previously viewed and bought. The website and mobile app features a full catalog of products and variants, makes product recommendations, and even facilitates quick-and-easy payment.

With all of the information available online, shoppers think they know more than store associates. That needs to change. To keep pace with shopper expectations, retailers are empowering store associates on the front lines. They are turning their store associates into brand ambassadors who know much more than just what’s in their store.

Retailers are arming store associates with mobile devices and all of the information that currently sits in their back-office systems: product information, customer data, logistics, operations, customer service, and corporate communications—not to mention powerful tools for next-gen client engagement that can drive store traffic and win more sales. 

As a result, retailers who deploy mobile devices and Concierge are seeing higher conversion rates and average order value (AOV) in the stores, where 90 percent of the action is.

At NRF, Mad Mobile will demonstrate the Concierge solution and retail platform that is winning awards for retailers like Talbots, Books-A-Million, and Ashley Furniture. 

Here are some exciting solutions you can see demonstrated in the Mad Mobile booth (#2430).

Empowering Store Associates with Concierge

Store associates can have their value transformed overnight through the use of mobile devices and mobile retail tools like Concierge. The benefits of such solutions can range from real-time inventory checks, to enhanced communication, to personalized recommendations and handling in-store order fulfillment.

This last point is critical given how buy-online, pickup-in-store (BOPIS) shopping has caught on with consumers. Increasing use of this omnichannel ordering option is turning fulfillment success rates into a critical metric for brands. Through mobile solutions designed to handle in-store fulfillment, any employee is able to assist in this fulfillment, whether it’s a matter of assigning the order to a specific worker, tracking its status, or requesting courier delivery. By using a centralized solution for managing BOPIS order fulfillment, retailers can ensure customers have their orders fulfilled every single time, and as quickly as possible.

Clienteling with ‘Look Builder’

Mad Mobile is able to offer a “Look Builder” experience that inspires store associates to create personalized ensembles and styles based on customers’ past buying behavior and preferences. Once assembled, these looks can be shared through email and SMS or placed directly into a mobile cart for checkout. Associates can also view looks created by corporate in addition to top trending looks.

This sort of experience leverages mobile technology to augment the in-store experience in a way that captivates consumers. Through Look Building, companies have another tool for selling products, along with a tantalizing reason for shoppers to visit their store.

Dressing Room Assistant / Smart Mirror

Through the use of smart dressing room kiosks and magic mirrors, Mad Mobile is able to deliver its Concierge application in a variety of different formats. Sales associates can push items from their mobile tool into a customer dressing room so that they can get help when they need it. In addition to uncovering additional information about the items, such as reviews and recommended products, they can also request different sizes, colors and even request beverages.

A Retail Call-to-Action: Deliver Rewarding Experiences

Rapid digitization throughout the retail industry is forcing brands to rethink their strategy across all channels. The role of brick-and-mortar stores has changed, turning it into an experience-based destination that works in concert with digital selling channels, rather than in opposition to eCommerce.

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