What Is ‘Look Building,’ And Why Should Apparel Retailers Care?

Posted by Mad Mobile on January 9, 2017

The world of retail apparel is no stranger to the ways in which digital innovation can upgrade their shopping experience. Real-time inventory and integrated ecommerce makes it easy for consumers to track down an item in a size that isn’t available at their nearest store.

Smart dressing rooms and smart mirrors leverage augmented technology to help shoppers find the items and outfits they are looking for, while personalized recommendations can open up shoppers to new looks and fashions.

Some retailers are even experimenting with systems that let shoppers stock a dressing room with clothes to try on before they even enter the store. Add to that list a new feature that will be offered through Mad Mobile’s Concierge clienteling platform: a look-building solution that lets shoppers assemble stylish outfits virtually, making it easier to coordinate fashion and find the perfect pieces that compliment one another.

Personalized Shopping Assistance

The clienteling model of retail selling is becoming more mainstream as solutions like Concierge facilitate more relevant engagement. Such interactions are central to the strategy behind look-building as an in-store experience, since it allows shoppers to assemble outfits and looks based on their own personal styles, and on the inventory offered by a retailer.

By opting for a digital interface, shoppers can try a wide range of clothing and apparel pairings at a speed that wouldn’t be practical when trying items on. Those customers can then try on those items in the store, send the product list to their email, or order the items online at their convenience.

For retailers, look-building provides a valuable tool to increase sales by recommending products that go with selected items. A shopper, might have their eye on a particular button-up shirt offered by the store. But through the look-building feature, they could stumble upon a pair of pants or another accessory that go perfectly with the shirt, and end up buying both.

Solutions like this are a win-win for retailers and shoppers alike, and it aligns perfectly with Concierge’s commitment to transforming the in-store shopping experience.

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