Use The Cloud To Improve In-Store Speed And Security

Posted by Mad Mobile on February 6, 2017

Leveraging mobile technology in your stores means moving your business operations onto the cloud. Cloud solutions make sense in virtually every industry, allowing companies to streamline their operations, centralize their digital assets, improve flexibility and modernize their infrastructure.

Although there’s always an acclimation period when new technologies and solutions are involved, but the long-term benefits of cloud retail solutions include the ability to simplify, rather than make your business more complicated.

Companies tend to love the scalability of these solutions, which keeps costs in proportion with the current demands. The cloud also supports a mobile workforce, allowing your employees to work remotely, increasing their productivity.

But two key benefits pertain directly to the customer experience. Speed of service and security considerations are vital to leaving customers satisfied and coming back for more. Each of these focal points are addressed through cloud-based business solutions.

Rendering A Better Consumer Experience

According to AllBusiness, the cloud’s ability to speed up in-store experiences can be most evident where human sales associates are concerned. Mobile devices, connected to one another by the cloud and used by in-store staff, can dramatically speed up tedious steps like inventory checks, product research and in-store transactions.

The cloud provides a critical foundation for solutions like Mad Mobile’s Concierge, which provides a mobile interface for powering clienteling initiatives in stores. Without the cloud, these solutions wouldn’t be able to get off the ground.

But customer security remains front-and-center when it comes to preserving sales, retaining customers and building positive experiences. A single security breach poses significant risk to companies. Some executives may consider data best protected via storage on their own server hardware, but repeated breaches of consumer data prove otherwise.

The right cloud business solutions are designed to handle the most advanced security threats retail brands may face, and they are updated faster to ensure security efforts keep up with the times. Offering both unparalleled speed and maximum security, cloud business solutions have become a no-brainer in this digital age.

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