September 16, 2016

Here's What Consumers Think Of The Best Mobile Retail Apps

Building a retail mobile app is a process fraught with decision-making and second-guessing. Most retailers striking down this trail are doing so for the first time, and they’re largely unsure of what to expect. more

September 14, 2016

Report: Mobile Drives 56 Percent Of Retail Searches

If a consumer is doing a retail search online, chances are they’re using a mobile device. That’s the big finding of a new consumer study focused on retail consumer behaviors across the country. more

September 12, 2016

Three Things Your Mobile Retail App Needs

Mobile retail apps have a foothold with their target audience, and there’s a big opportunity to capitalize on that market -- both in terms of driving sales, and as a way to build better customer experiences. more

September 7, 2016

How To Make User-Generated Content Work For You

Content’s value in the era of digital marketing is hard to underestimate, particularly as a sales tool. But different types of content offer different types of value. Social media content is basically a requirement for any retail brand, providing an outlet for direct consumer engagement, brand promotion, and strengthening brand loyalty. more

September 2, 2016

Why Retailers Can't Ignore The Growing Mobile-Only Audience

Mobile consumers represent a massive segment of any brand’s consumer base. And the percentage of consumers who use mobile exclusively is growing -- so much that brands face significant risks if they don’t account for this customer segment. more

August 22, 2016

Yes, Mobile Is Transforming The Customer Experience

Mobile may be a sales platform, but it’s also a vehicle for building better customer experiences. And mounting evidence points toward a consistent truth: When used correctly, mobile is, in fact, transforming the traditional shopping experience. more

August 15, 2016

What Do Shoppers Search For On Their Mobile Phones?

Smartphones are basically a personal assistant when it comes to their frequent use in physical stores. Consumers rely on them to do a range of product research activities, including price comparisons and to check online reviews. more

August 10, 2016

What's The Balance Between Personalization And Privacy Concerns?

Mobile technology has proven its value in creating strong, engaging experiences, and both retailers and shoppers are eager to cash in. Consumers in particular are willing to make sacrifices, voluntarily providing their own user data in exchange for more compelling experiences. more

August 5, 2016

Retailers Are Beginning To Embrace Mobile-Only Shoppers

Plenty of shopping activity still takes place in stores and on traditional desktop computers. But the has been a rapid rise in the percentage of shoppers, and retail purchases, that are taking place over mobile devices. This trend now represents a large enough market share that some retailers are building strategies specifically for this category of conversion. more

August 3, 2016

What Can Retailers Learn From Pokémon Go?

In terms of overnight successes, Pokémon Go has set the new standard for mobile apps. After its release on a Thursday, it had become a national sensation by the next Monday, breaking app download records and establishing itself as a global phenomenon. more